What to pack for a weekend wedding

What To Pack For A Weekend Wedding

Since everyone at one time or another has to pack for a nice long wedding weekend we thought it would be fun to give you a glimpse inside the luggage of what the Rustic Wedding Chic staff likes to pack. Everyone at Rustic Wedding Chic selected their top 5 items when packing for a weekend wedding with the hopes that we might inspire your next weekend wedding getaway list.

I Am Going To A Wedding And With Me I Am Bringing…

Maggie – Founder & Editor

Editor of rusticweddingchic.com packs for a wedding
1. A neutral tone strapless dress because no matter the location, it works.
2. A cashmere wrap since I often get cold and it is perfect not only for the plane ride but also for the evening weddings.
3. Some sort of beaded necklace which will work for not only the wedding but any other events leading up to the wedding day. A necklace like this goes great with white jeans and a tunic top for the brunch and also works for the wedding day.
4. A vintage style clutch evening bag so I can stash my phone for when I need to check in with the babysitter.
5. Flats like these from Stubbs & Wootton so I can change shoes for when my feet get tired in my heels and are great for the after party.

M Carson – Blogger / Photographer

Mcarson Picks For Weekend Wedding
1. You need to pack something to lounge around in between wedding events and there’s nothing better for this than a crisp pair of classic pajamas.
2. I always try to shoot a roll of film with my Rollei 35 when I am a wedding guest , especially because they make for great first anniversary presents!
3. I have never regretted wearing flats to wedding events, especially when they are held outdoors! Fancy flats can be just as stylish as stilettos and you won’t lose them in the lawn.
4. I got hooked on Chanel Frenzy a few months ago – it’s the best neutral color I have ever found and looks elegant with absolutely everything –  I bring it with me to do my own touch-ups on the go.
5. Wearing the perfect dress makes every event more fun!  This dress is my dream come true, its light, airy and feminine while the high neck keeps it classy.

Kate – Contributing Writer 

The best weekend wedding packing list
1. A navy blue dress can be worn in any season, and the sleeves offer a bit of coverage. Love the beading on this, too.
2. A delicate strappy sandal in a metallic finish for some extra shine.
3. A red lip – Mac lipstick in Russian Red.
4. Blotting papers to keep my makeup looking fresh – these are elegantly packaged and twice the size of the average sheets.
5. A special case/conversation piece to stand out from the army of iphones at the table.

Erin – Contributing Writer & Co-founder of Rambling House Events 

Erin's Weekend Wedding pics

1.  An outfit I was looking for an excuse to splurge on, and now have a semi-valid excuse to buy.
2. A portable sewing kit. While you’re out on the dance floor, shredding rug, you—or someone you know—will probably be tearing dress. Be prepared! (Add a few band aids to the kit for surprise blisters)
3.  A journal or book, for any downtime.
4. Bobby pins & twist pins—there is nothing you can’t do to your hair with a few bobby pins on hand
5. Wide-Brimmed Hat & Sunscreen. Sun protection can be stylish! Let’s face it, fair skin will hold for no one.

Jillian – Contributing Writer & Co-founder of Rambling House Events

Jillian's Weekend Picks

1. A maxi dress fits the bill for a weekend wedding: the shape is on trend, comfortable, and great for when the party goes into the night so legs don’t get chilly!
2. This NARS shade looks great on just about any skin tone, and creates a perfectly flushed glow.
3. This sunscreen fits easily in my bag, has a very subtle scent, and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin.
4. I like to keep a few bags of this ginger tea in my purse at all times. It almost instantly calms my stomach woes—whether they be food poisoning, motion sickness, or a hangover—and gets me recharged and rehydrated for the rest of my day.
5. Make sure to always pack a book—you never know when there might be down time or a flight delay!

Charlie – Graphics & Design

What every guy needs to pack for a weekend wedding

1. A pair of Ray Ban sunglasses are a must no matter where you are going.
2.  Classic pomade for “tight holds and slicked back styles”.
3. A standard canvas black tote bag because you never know what you might end up carrying around.
4. A simple & great tie.
5. A tried and true favorite and the best way to snap pics on the go.

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