Winter Wedding Cakes that Wow

Winter Wedding Cakes

Your winter wedding is just around the corner, and you still need to pick out your wedding cake! But don’t worry, I’m here to help. Below you’ll find a list of some of the most charming and beautiful wedding cakes that would be perfect for your winter wedding. I hope you get inspired!


What’s more quintessentially winter than a snowflake? You can have your wedding cake adorned with sugar snowflakes! Pure white in color and intricately designed, snowflakes create a subtle beauty that is perfect for a wedding cake.

Pine trees

Nothing will wow your guests more than a snowy white landscape frosted onto your wedding cake. Not only does it fit right into your winter decor, a mountainside covered in pine is the perfect wedding cake design for your rustic style wedding.


This wedding cake design is simple, yet stunning. Decorated with an assortment of pinecones, berries, and anything else you could find on the forest floor, this cake the perfect fit for your rustic stylewinter wedding.


Designed to look like the bark of a tree, this wedding cake is a great option for your wintry affair. Not to mention, the gold embellishments against the pure white background add the perfect amount of chicness to this rustic style wedding cake.


In keeping with the tree theme, twigs make great adornments for rustic style wedding cakes. Reminiscent of a snow-covered forest floor, this cake design would be perfect for your winter wedding.

Winter Wedding Cakes

Source: Greg Marsh Designer Cakes via My Wedding


Dazzle your guests with a colorful mix of berries and flowers atop a crumb-coat of vanilla frosting. The perfect blend of rustic and chic, this cake is a must-have at your winter wedding.

Holly and ivy

This wedding cake blends the colors of the winter season into one simple and beautiful design. The contrast between the greenery and the pure white frosting is gorgeous. Definitely an option for your rustic stylewinter wedding!


Not only are poinsettias a hallmark of the winter season, they are also one of the most vibrant flowers you can have on a wedding cake. The beautiful pop of color against the white background will surely wow your guests!


This winter wedding cake is too charming to pass up! You can have your initials “carved” into the frosting like the bark of a tree. To sell the tree look even more, add some pinecones and an adorable cake topper – a pair of squirrels, owls, or just about any woodland creature will do!

Winter Wedding Cakes

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