15 Ways To Decorate Your Wedding With Wine Bottles

15 Ways to Decorate Your Wedding with Wine Bottles

Here at Rustic Wedding Chic, we love the idea of repurposing random objects into unique rustic wedding decorations for your wedding – it’s like the cornerstone of rustic weddings! Today’s object of transformation is none other than the wine bottle. Wine bottles come in so many shapes and sizes, which makes them extremely versatile. There is no end to what you can do with them! Take a look at 15 of my favorite ways to incorporate wine bottles into your wedding decor. Check out our entire wedding DIY ideas section for more ideas like this!

1. Table Numbers

Wine bottles’ tall and lean shape make them the perfect posts for displaying table numbers at your reception. You can paint the numbers directly on the bottles, or you can hang them off their necks like the one shown here. Either way, it’s a simple and affordable project that even the most novice DIY’ers can handle.

2. Aisle Decorations

Some wine bottles are already such a vibrant color that you won’t want to paint them! This bright blue bottle pops against the surrounding white details and makes the perfect hanging vase for your outdoor wedding ceremony.

3. Chalkboard

With just a little chalkboard paint, you can turn basic wine bottles into charming canvases.  Shop Etsy for custom creations like the one shown above, or use the opportunity to get creative and show off your artsy side! This couple kept it simple with their names, but the options are endless!

4. Simple Flower Vases

Transform clear wine bottles into elegant and sophisticated flower vases. Simple yet beautiful, they are the perfect centerpieces for your rustic chic wedding!

Wine Bottle Decorations

Source: Weddingbee

5. Candlestick Holders

What’s more romantic than a room lit with traditional candlesticks? Wine bottles make perfect candlestick holders because of their long and narrow necks.  Not to mention, the clear glass adds that simple elegance.  Definitely a must-have at your rustic chic wedding!

Wine Bottle Decorations

Source: Homedit

6. Ring Toss

Wine bottles are not limited to classy decorations. Take a fun game of ring toss, for example, and you’ll see that there are plenty of fun ways to incorporate them into your rustic wedding!   Not a DIYer? Find it here on Etsy along with many other fun creations!

Wine Bottle Decorations

Source: RefunkedJunkies via Etsy

7. Directions

Arrow signs have become a hallmark of rustic weddings. As practical as they are charming, they direct guests to where they need to go for different parts of the night. Make your sign stand out from the rest by using wine bottles as your arrows! It gets the job done and looks great!

8. Metallic Centerpieces

Metallics are a great alternative to the more traditional and subdued wedding colors. Whether you have a gold or silver color scheme, wine bottles are perfect for adding touches of metallic to your wedding! Dazzle your guests with decorations that shimmer and shine.  All you need is a little spray paint!

Wine Bottle Decorations

Source: Paisley Petal Events via Paper Crush

9. Twine Flower Vases

Transform wine bottles into sweet flower vases with just a little twine! Simple enough to DIY, these vases would be perfect for your rustic or country wedding. We love the way this couple paired them with daisies! So cute!

10. Guestbook

Say goodbye to the traditional guestbook with this awesome DIY idea! All you need is some black spray paint and metallic markers. Your guests will love signing a wine bottle!

11. Lighting

The glow of white lights emanating from a wine bottle creates the perfect ambience for such a romantic affair. So easy and such a great way to set the mood! Definitely a must-have at your rustic chic wedding.

12. Glitter Flower Vases

Add a little sparkle to your wedding with wine bottles coated in glitter. Another easy DIY, this project is affordable yet looks like a million bucks! Jazz up your reception tables with these shimmery centerpieces.

13. Luminaries

Repurpose old wine bottles into beautiful luminaries! These luminaries are filled with rustic charm, which makes them the perfect decorations for your rustic chic wedding!

Wine Bottle Decorations

Source: Wine & Cork

14. Photo Display

Picture frames are a thing of the past when you can display your photos on wine glasses! These personalized decorations are so sweet and easy to make. Just break out the decoupage glue!

15. Dinner Menu

Let your guests know what’s on the menu by posting it on a wine bottle! Practical and cute, these wine bottles make great table decorations that your guests will surely appreciate come dinnertime.

Wine Bottle Decorations

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