3 Ways To Find The Best Wedding Venue

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There is no way around it, the venue is a critical piece in the wedding day but finding the perfect venue can be as hard as finding the perfect mate! Thanks to the amount of online tools a bride has these days finding wedding information is easy but wading through all of that information can be overwhelming. Today we have 3 ways for you to find the perfect venue without feeling frustrated or frantic. Also, we suggest you check out our post on 10 Things To Consider When Selecting Your Wedding Venue.


Use The Rustic Wedding Guide

In early 2013 we created the Rustic Wedding Guide, a vendor and venue guide specifically designed for the rustic and country minded bride. We were fielding hundreds of emails from couples asking us for advice on wedding locations, it was at that moment that we knew we needed to offer a wedding vendor and wedding venue guide to help all those rustic brides bring their dream wedding to life. Now with over 6,000 vendors, the Rustic Wedding Guide is one-stop shopping for the perfect rustic wedding vendors. Whether you are planning a rustic wedding in New York or a country wedding in California, the Rustic Wedding Guide has you covered.10 Questions You Need To Ask Before Booking A Wedding Venue

Search Instagram 

I think we can all agree that scrolling through pretty wedding images on Instagram is kind of like a drug but did you know it can also really be helpful and introduce you to wedding venues? Many times when we feature a wedding we tag the location where that wedding was held which gives you not just a pretty picture to look at but some real information to help you plan. To take things one step further we would suggest searching hashtags like #rusticweddingvenues #rusticwedding #rusticweddingchic or your state and wedding venue. Follow us now on Instagram to see the best in rustic wedding inspiration and info!

10 Questions You Need To Ask Before Booking A Wedding Venue


Focus On Location Specific Guides

Most brides have a good idea of where they would like to tie the knot so to cut down on the enormous length to some wedding venue list you can focus on searching location specific guides. Besides the Rustic Wedding Guide which we created to help couples find rustic and country wedding venues we suggest checking out sites like PartySpace.com which focuses on unique wedding venues in Philadelphia, Baltimore, South Florida and New Jersey. One feature that PartySpace.com offers is allowing you to check to see if a venue is available on a specific date!

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