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Rustic Chic Wedding Gowns By Designer Veronica Sheaffer

When I visited NY Bridal Fashion Week a few weeks ago I had a chance to meet and talk with designer Veronica Sheaffer and was immediately taken with her designs. Veronica Sheaffer has built a nationwide reputation for classic, feminine gowns and sweet, old-fashioned wedding design. Sheaffer gave me a preview of her spring 2012 collection and was kind enough to answer a few questions.

RWC: What can we look forward to in your spring collection?
VS: The Spring ‘12 collection is inspired by white-washed furniture on low, summer porches – beautiful and organic with a lot of history to it. I’ve used a lot of sheer, lightweight fabrics which are supported by silk taffeta. There’s also this great striped Italian trim that I’ve layered repeatedly to create interesting patterns that really hug your body.

RWC: We love the classic and romantic feeling of your dresses with sweet and modern touches. What inspires your designs?
VS: I’m always interested in creating super feminine silhouettes that speak to an earlier time that are still very current and wearable. I think a lot about the entire experience for the bride – what it feels like to wear these dresses, what a dress can add to the wedding day and also what look my bride is trying to create herself. I’m drawn to the beauty and craftsmanship of earlier eras and want to bring that to brides today while also creating fashion-forward looks that are unique and interesting.

RWC: Your accessories are breathtaking. How can Brides use accessories in their wedding looks?
VS: I think accessories are a great opportunity to try something beyond what you would ordinarily wear. So often women say that they love something but would never try it themselves, which I understand but don’t support. Haha! Your wedding look should be an expression of your love and excitement. If you are drawn to something, you should try it. My Candytuft headband was inspired by turbans of the early 1910s, and it’s bold with layers of bows on one side, but it’s surprisingly easy to wear.  My bridal gowns and accessories speak to a bygone era of true femininity and luxury. Only the finest fabrics are used and each piece is the utmost in quality and detailing.

RWC: What advice can you give to brides looking for the perfect dress?
VS: A great starting point is to first imagine the feel of your day – is it sweet and old-fashioned or sultry and luxurious? And then start to imagine yourself moving throughout the wedding. I remember when planning my own wedding, I would walk down the street long for a soft, light dress rippling at my feet, and so that’s what I made. And also don’t forget you’ll be talking to guests from other generations – if you’re looking for ultra-sexy, just remember you’ll be hugging your grandfather in that dress.















credits: all photos & styles are courtesy of Veronica Sheaffer / Photographer: Billy Rood, Model: Danielle Maddox, Hair/Makeup: Bridal Beauty Chicago

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