4 Social Media Sites That Will Transform Your Wedding

Social Media Sites For Your Wedding

4 Social Media Sites That Will Transform Your Wedding

You know and love these websites and apps, but have you thought about how they can help you pull off an amazing wedding? Here’s a guide to using social media to your wedding advantage:

1. Pinterest:

Rustic Wedding Chic Pinterest

This one is a no-brainer for wedding planning inspiration, but there is so much more that you can gain from Pinterest than just spending hours clicking “See More Pins.” The Secret Boards section on Pinterest is perfect for planning your wedding. You can create a board that only you and your wedding planner can see, so that everyone else you’re friends with on Pinterest won’t know exactly what the event will look like before attending. Bridesmaids can create a secret board among themselves to plan for the bridal shower and bachelorette festivities. And, if your family and wedding guests are tech savvy, why not create a secret Registry board for guests to view; that way, you aren’t limited to one store, and your guests can easily click to buy right from the site! All your guests need to do is comment on the pin once they’ve “claimed” the gift. Rustic Wedding Chic on Pinterest has over 70 boards and more than 11,000 pins worth of inspiration for you.

Pinterest Rustic Wedding Chic

2. Facebook:
Rustic Wedding Chic Facebook

Sure, you use Facebook every day. But have you thought of what a wedding goldmine the site can be? First off, make a page for your wedding. Keep it private, invite all your guests, and include all the pertinent information about your event. RSVPs are one of the most stressful things for brides and planners alike—your guests will have no excuse when they can reply via Facebook! Plus, this way, if people lose their invitations or forget the address of the reception hall, it will all be in one place that can easily be accessed while traveling. And speaking of traveling, guests coming from similar necks of the woods can post about carpooling. But, remember: tell your friends and family about your engagement and upcoming wedding before creating a page and changing your relationship status. The last thing you want is for your cousins to find out via Facebook and not from you.

Aside from streamlining RSVPs and event details, Facebook is also a great place to look for vendors in your area. Bonus: many companies offer special sales or deals to their Facebook friends that you might be missing out on if you don’t “like” their page!

3. Yelp:


Jillian, one of the ladies of Rambling House, had never even heard of Yelp until a few months ago when she moved in with Erin and Kerry. She soon learned the error of her misguided ways. Simply put, the site is amazing. Type in where you are and what you are looking for (florist, food truck, event hall, park, caterer, etc.) and a whole slew of places come up, accompanied by contact information, photos, and user reviews. Jackpot! This is especially helpful if you’re having an out of town wedding, and want to learn more about the vendors in that location. And, like Facebook, some businesses offer deals to customers who find out about them on Yelp. You can check out vendors on Rustic Wedding Guide, and see how they rate on Yelp!

4. Instagram:

Rustic Wedding Chic Instagram

Yes, the pictures that the photographer takes are going to be the ones you frame and display on your desk or coffee table. But those tend to be more formal, posed pictures that won’t reflect the true spirit of your wedding day. That’s where instragram comes in. Assign a hashtag to your event (#joneswedding13, for example), and share it with your guests. Then ask them all to include it after any photos they post from the big day! This way you will be able to look at your wedding from many different angles and see all the unique, fun experiences that your guests had in your honor. All for free! It doesn’t get much easier or better than that. Follow Rustic Wedding Chic on Instagram.

Rustic Wedding Chic Instagram

4 Social Media Sites That Will Transform Your Wedding

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