Ask Maggie: Fall Bridesmaid Dresses (that are not orange)


RWC Reader: I am planning a fall wedding for next year and I am very excited to start looking for bridesmaid dresses but I am totally turned off by the traditional fall wedding colors of burnt oranges and browns. Can you suggest any other dress colors that you think might work for the fall season?


First off, don’t let the season totally dictate the colors in your wedding. It is always nice to have your color pallet compliment the season your wedding will take place but all too often I hear from brides who are stressed out over the fact that they are “boxed” into a season and can’t make the colors work for them. You are correct in the fact that burnt oranges and a variety of brown colors seem to make up the fall season but I have a few other colors that work very well with the season and also look beautiful. Colors like dark green, eggplant, rusted red and even grays look beautiful with the natural fall backdrop. Here are a few dresses that are available in those colors from the bridesmaid collection at J. Crew.

All styles & photos are courtesy of J.Crew

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