Pinecone Fire Starter Wedding Favor


Today’s great rustic wedding favor idea comes to us from our friends over at My Own Ideas a blog that has tons of great printable and resources. Today’s DIY tutorial is great for a camp style wedding or an outdoor type of rustic wedding and is the perfect favor for a fall or winter wedding. Think about getting all of your bridesmaids and girlfriends together for a craft night leading up to the wedding and make this project a group effort!

How to make a pine cone fire strater


• White Beeswax
• Dry Pine Cones
• Candle Wick
• Large Tin Can
• Sauce Pan
• Drying Rack
• Tongs

Step one:
Create your own double boiler by placing a large tin can into a saucepan filled with a few inches of water. Melt your beeswax in the tin can completely.

Step two:
While you are waiting for the wax to melt, wrap the candle wick around each pinecone: leave a few inches of wick at the top and wrap it around the pinecone all the way down to the base.

Step three:
Once your wax is melted and your pinecones are wrapped, dip each pinecone into the wax. You may want to use a pair of tongs to help rotate the can a little to cover the pinecone completely. Dip each pinecone in once and set on drying rack to dry. Once a little dry you can dip it in again until you get a good covering of wax.

How to make a fire starterPine Cone Fire Starter
Images & DIY project idea is courtesy of My Own Ideas

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