The Zoro Braid DIY Tutorial



 This tutorial is for a sharp and edgy take on your classic braided updo! If unpracticed, you will need a double mirror or an extra set of hands. Check out our other wedding day hair ideas like this faux hawk updo and this relax wedding day hair idea and if you need even more ideas you can check out our rustic wedding DIY style projects.

Hair Braid Updo

1. Begin with dry hair—be sure that any knots are brushed out. A smoothing serum can be added, but avoid brands that leave a greasy residue.

2. Begin at one side of your head—let’s say the right—starting a braid at the top of the ear, working toward your left ear, as if starting a crown. Ideally, work with an inside-out braid, only pulling hair from the top of the braid when adding.

3. As soon as you reach the left ear, you will bring the braid one step down.

Hair Braid Updo

4. Work your way braiding back to the right side of your head, ending below your right ear.

5. Again, braid a step down.

6. Continue your braid back toward the left side of your head to the nape of the neck, continuing until you have a braided pig-tail.

Hair Braid Updo

7. With the hanging braid, wrap your excess hair into a bun below the left ear.

8. For a neat finish, add decorative bobby pints to the bun or, at the beginning, incorporate a lace ribbon into one of the strands of your braid. Or, tie a clear elastic at the nape of your neck, letting the rest of your hair flow down over your shoulder—lightly curl the ponytail for a soft, feminine touch.

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