How to Make a Floral Garland

How to Make a Blossoming GarlandFloral garlands will brighten up any rustic wedding venue and making your own scan be simple and fun!  When it comes to making them look lively and natural, the more elements the better. We highly suggest using a few different kinds of greens, especially if you can find on that is flowering. We got lucky when we found some Passion vine to use for this project. You can also use tree branches instead of ivy if you want something more substantial. Garlands can be used for so many different kinds of wedding decor. They can act as a runner for long table, a ceremony backdrop, or even just decor for a bare barn wall.Dangle them from tree branches at an outdoor venue to from chandeliers indoors! The options are endless. Follow along and make your very own!


What You’ll Need : Flowering Ivy / Green Ivy / Blossoms / Floral Tape / Scissors How to Make a Blossoming Garland

First, wrap the green ivy around the flowering ivy. If you are using two varieties of ivy, use the ivy with the thicker stem as the support and wrap the thinner stem around it.

How to Make a Blossoming Garland


If you need to reinforce the connections between the strands of ivy, use floral tape.

How to Make a Blossoming Garland

Make multiple sections and then connect them as needed. It is easier to work small and the connect later.

How to Make a Blossoming Garland Once you have connected the ivy into one long garland using the same techniques that you used to join the different varieties of ivy, lay it flat to look for bare spots. Fill them in using floral tape and extra pieces of ivy.

How to Make a Blossoming Garland

Next, trim your blossoms down so that you have about two or three inches of stem to work with.  Securely wrap the tape around the stem of the flower leaving a lose end hanging.

How to Make a Blossoming Garland

Next, you will want to hang the ivy on the wall how you will have the final piece hung. Then attach the blossom using the extra length of floral tape.

How to Make a Blossoming Garland

Repeat this step with the other blossoms.

How to Make a Blossoming Garland  Place the blossoms in small clusters where they would naturally occur. The composition is orally up to you, but you should have a good feel for where the flowers should go. You don’t want to make too regular of a pattern because it won’t look natural.

How to Make a Blossoming Garland Once your blossoms have been attached, stand back and look at the garland to see if there are any spots where you need something extra. Add greens and blossoms until it feels balanced.

How to Make a Blossoming Garland

Lastly, take a close look for visible tape, stems or any other details that need polishing!

How to Make a Blossoming GarlandHow to make a floral garland


Photography : MCR PROJECTS / Floral Design : The Bosky Dell

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