15 Ideas For Your Lakeside Wedding

15 Ideas For A Lakeside Wedding

Go ahead, plan that amazing lakeside wedding you have always wanted and leave all the decorating ideas to us! To help you create the wedding by the lake of your dreams we came up with our favorite 15 ideas that our real brides have created and tested at their own weddings. If you are looking for a lakeside wedding venue you should head over to our Rustic Wedding Guide and find the perfect wedding venue for your dream wedding.


1. Use A Canoe For Your Drinks

Gather all your beverages for your wedding and pile them in a canoe for the perfect self-serve wedding bar. Many lakeside wedding venues have extra canoes around so grab one and make it part of the decoration by adding either soft drinks and water to it or having it be the wine and beer station. Using a canoe for drinks at a wedding is one of my most favorite rustic wedding ideas.

2. Create A Crossed Paddle Motif

A wonderful way to add some personality to your wedding is to take something like the crossed paddle mark and make it your motif. From your rustic wedding stationery to a fun photo prop this idea works no matter what location you pick.

3. Jump In The Water

This idea may not work for everyone but I have seen some weddings where the couple invites guests to swim and enjoy the lake. You might even by brave enough to jump in the water and take the plunge just as the couple did below.

4. Have Your Pictures Taken In An Adirondack Chair

An iconic lakeside staple, the Adirondack chair makes for the perfect wedding photography location. Have your photographer snap some pictures of you and your spouse in these cabin cozy seats for a great photo you will always treasure.

5. Take A Post Ceremony Canoe Ride

This very romantic idea can be adapted to fit your location and your venue but what could be better than a post ceremony canoe ride? These few moments away not only make for a great picture but they also help you arrive to your cocktail hour in style.

6. Have Your Ceremony On The Pier

You might as well use your lake wedding location to its full potential and if the pier is large enough think about hosting your ceremony right there. What a dramatic space to say “I do” and a picturesque one as well.

7. Arrive By Boat

Yes, arrive to your own wedding by boat is like something out of a movie and if you go about it the right way your wedding will feel like a movie as well. Arrive to either the ceremony or reception or both by boat and no one will forget your entrance.

Arrive To Wedding By Boat

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8. Snap Some Pictures On The Pier

Line up your bridal party and head down to the pier for a few well posed pictures. With the lake as a backdrop you will be forever grateful that you took a few extra minutes to have some pictures taken lakeside.

9. Take Some Wedding Pictures In A Boat

Have your photographer snap a few images of just you and your new spouse out in a boat. The beauty of the natural elements will look perfect in your wedding album.

10. Let Lanterns Go

The perfect way to end the night is to let some large sky lanterns go over the water.

11. Host Cocktail Hour In The Boathouse

If your wedding venue by a lake also happens to have a boathouse you might want to think about ways you can use this space. Host a casual cocktail hour in the boathouse where guests can feel connected to the water as they sip and nibble.

12. Have Your Ceremony Lakeside

Many times a lakeside wedding offers a reception close to a lake but you might want to think about ways you can host your ceremony lakeside as well. You might have to get creative with seating and decorations but work with some fun wedding specialty rentals and I bet you can have a beautiful lakeside wedding ceremony as well.

13. Get Married At A Summer Camp

Many times summer camps will offer wedding packages as well. A summer camp wedding venue is the perfect way to get a lakeside wedding since so often camps are located directly on or close to lakes. Head over and read our 5 Reasons To Get Married At A Summer Camp post for more information and inspiration.

14. Use A Plaid Motif

Plaid is perfect for a rustic wedding so why not take this Northwoods look and make it apart of your lakeside wedding. Think about using plaid as tablecloths or as part of the decorations.

15. Use A Bench As A Guestbook

Alternative guestbooks are a favorite of mine and I love the ideas of using a plain white bench and having guests sign it for a guestbook. By having something different like this you will always be able to use it later in life and think about your wedding day.

Ideas For An Amazing Lakeside Wedding

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