Interview With Dress Designer Vatana Watters

I love wedding gowns, it really is one of the obsessions that started me blogging back in 2009. One of my favorite wedding dress designers is Vatana Watters who is the founder and  CEO of the dress company sporting her name, Watters.I have always been a fan of Watters since I find their gowns to have a stylish sensibility and for the fact that they fit beautifully into a rustic or country setting without having to compromise on elegance. When it came time for me to hunt for my own wedding gown it was no shock that I fell in love with and selected a Watters gown. I was lucky enough to get to interview Vatana Watters and gain some insight about her style, her gowns and what rustic brides should consider when selecting the perfect gown.

How have brides changed since you started Watters 25 years ago?
We continually work to give the changing faces of our brides what they want. We continue to touch our brides at trunk shows and through social media. Our highly successful Watters division of bridal and bridesmaids is focused on the luxury side of bridal at an attainable price. The newer Wtoo by Watters is focused on a wider audience of brides and bridesmaids that we infused with fashion at a more affordable value. Also, we are focused to expand our flower girl and mother of the bride categories, giving our brides and their parties what they want. This is what we strive for.

Where do you find your inspiration and does it change from collection to collection?
Inspiration is an interesting thing; it comes in many forms and places. It can come from a trip overseas, a shopping trip or even as simple as a stroll down the street. Keeping abreast of current trends is important as well as revisiting the past I have a particular affinity for the old masters such as Christian Dior, Givenchy, Balenciaga and Lanvin to name a few. I still take trips to vintage stores to see what treasures might await me because vintage shopping is still a passion of mine. There are techniques that have been lost and vintage finds are a way to renew my senses.

What makes Watters dresses perfect for a rustic or country wedding?
What makes a rustic country wedding so special is the location. You want a dress that will play up your location. Dresses that are soft and will catch the breeze and light always lend a romantic touch to a country wedding.

The majority of our readers are planning a barn wedding, can you suggest a few styles?
Lace is always a favorite for outdoor and barn weddings. Effortlessly chic and a touch of vintage inspiration seem to be just right for that “rustic chic” barn setting. Movement is also important, fabrics that appear to rustle in the wind, float above the floor all just fall right into that relaxed elegant look. A few of our favorites such as Watters styles Greta, Diana, Norma, ElizabethPasadena, and Lasara.


My wedding was a lakeside affair in a small Midwest town where my family has summered for over 60 years. I was certain when I picked style 1079b from your collection that it would fit seamlessly into the location. Do you have a venue in mind when you start designing a dress or collection?
We don’t necessarily have a favorite venue in mind, but we definitely have an inspiration behind each of the collections. I want the bride to have options from us, whether she is having a wedding on the beach, in a traditional church, or outdoors. I think of how the bride will feel in our gown on her special day. After all she is the center of attention and her gown will be a part of her wedding memory forever.

Finally, I get a lot of emails from our Ask Maggie section and a good deal are brides asking me to help find a patterned bridesmaid dress. I see that you have added a few floral pattern bridesmaid dress styles into the new collection , do you feel that this is a growing trend?

The trend from our vantage point leans towards dresses that have a carefree elegance, a sort of gorgeous without trying too hard look. Our new silk cotton voile print in a trio of wear again styles are a perfect fit.


Thank you Vatana!

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