How to Make a Tissue Paper Tassel Garland

DIY Tissue Paper GarlandWe have been seeing these tissue paper tassel garlands all over so we thought you might like to see hot to make them yourselves! The process is so fun and easy.This could be a great project to make with your flower girls! You of course have the option of using all kinds of colors! You could even create multi-colored tassels by layering different colors of tissue paper. We made ours with classic antique white and gold paint but your options are truly endless. You also have the option of making them in a number of different sizes. You could make them shorter or longer, or mix lengths for a different look. If you choose to use colored ribbon or string, you could forgo the painting step and leave them unpainted! These garlands are perfect for any wedding occasion from a bridal shower to a wedding reception. String them up outside where they can catch the breeze, or use them up in the rafters of a barn to open up and space and give your guests something beautiful to gaze up at. The great thing about these is that they are quick and easy to make in large quantities so you can definitely manage to make them on your own. Have fun with this one!


What You’ll Need :  Gold Spray Paint  /  Scissors / White Artist Tape  /  String  /  Tissue Paper

How to Make Tissue Paper Garland

First, unfold the sections of tissue paper.  Leaving the stack intact, cut down the middle.  (You’ll want about ten sheets per stack!)

How to Make Tissue Paper Garland Next, fold up one of your cut segments along the original creases and carefully cut straight strips, leaving about one inch of paper uncut on one end. How to Make Tissue Paper Garland

Next, unfold the cut stack of tissue.  It is ok if the strips aren’t perfectly even.

How to Make Tissue Paper Garland

Starting at one end, roll the stack at the top.  You make want to use a pencil or pen to roll the tissue around to give it a proper round shape.   Onceyou have your stack rolled, use a small piece of white art tape to hold the tissue in place.  Keep in mind the tape will be visible so try to make it all of the way around in a nice looking straight band.

How to Make Tissue Paper Garland

Once you have all of your tassels made, use the string or ribbon to tie them together.   You will want to knot the string on the same side of each tassel so that they will hang correctly.   Tie just beneath the tape for a secure hold.
How to Make Tissue Paper Garland

Next, using extra tissue, lightly wrap the tassels and tape the tissue closed, leaving the string and the end of the tassel exposed.

How to Make Tissue Paper Garland Spraying lightly with the gold spray paint, dust the string and the tops of the tassels with gold spray paint to give it a metallic sheen. Once the paint has fired, flip the garland over and dust the other side.

DIY Tissue Paper Garland

Once the garland is dry, remove the tissue sleeves from the tassels and hang them!

DIY Tissue Paper Garland


Photography By : MCR PROJECTS

Step By Step :DIY Tissue Paper Garland


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