4 Must Have Items For Outdoor Wedding Success

4 Must Have Items For An Outdoor Wedding

Having an outdoor wedding seems pretty standard in the spring and summer months but that means there can also be a few key items that you don’t automatically think about adding to your wedding day list. Lucky for you, event planners: Erin, Jillian & Kerry from Rambling House Events know exactly what those key items are and why you need to have them on hand. If you think an outdoor wedding might be for you then you should read our post on 10 Reasons To Have A Backyard Wedding.


Hay Bales WeddingSee more from this real wedding / credit: Robert Holley Productions

Seems odd, but let us explain. Spring is wedding season, but it’s also rain season. So that country club, golf course, or rural estate that you booked for its gorgeous views and lush grasses may, in fact, be full of puddles by the time the crew arrives to set up the tent and tables. Straw is a great item to keep on hand because laying it down in puddles and wet spots throughout the tent will sop up the water and create a far less muddy environment for your guests to be walking through. Plus, a hay bale can always be brought out during cocktail hour or dancing for extra rustic chic seating. Add a country quilt, and it’s part of your décor! Read more about what items you might need in case it rains on your wedding day.

Bug Spray

Outdoor Rustic Wedding ArchSee more from this real wedding / credit: Tangled Lilac Photography

When you’re dreaming up your gorgeous outdoor wedding, keep in mind that a delicious buffet and a medley of perfumes and colognes is paradise for flies and mosquitos. And remember, field weddings are gorgeous but can come with the potential threat of ticks. Combat these pests by providing bug spray for your guests! Many companies are now creating bug spray wipes, which come individually wrapped and could easily be placed at each table setting. If you’d like something a little more subtle, get a few baskets to place around the venue and fill them with bug spray, which guests can (and will!) help themselves to! If your wedding is midday, consider adding sunscreen to the lineup.

Flashlights, Lanterns & Extra Lighting

Outdoor evening weddingSee more from this real wedding / creditTin Can Photography

This is something that can be stowed out of the way, behind the bar or with the band, but is incredibly useful to have on hand. If dancing and merriment goes late into the night, flashlights, lanterns and extra lighting are handy to help guests follow the path to their cars or find the restrooms. Head over to our Ikea wedding ideas article to see lanterns that fit your wedding budget.

Country Wedding With Mason JarsSee more from this real wedding / credit: Sara K Byrne Photography

 Extra Flowers

Diy Wedding flowersSee more from this real wedding / credit: Tin Can Photography

They don’t need to be the same expensive arrangements as your centerpiece, but picking up a few extra coordinating flowers and plants is a great idea for your outdoor wedding. If the cake frosting melts in the heat or smudges when it is being moved, a few extra flowers can quickly be added to conceal the mess up. If the buffet table is looking a little hum-drum, an extra potted plant can brighten things up. Extra blooms can also be used to tuck into a bad hairdo or decorate serving dishes!

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