Rainy Day Wedding Must Haves

Rain Wedding Day

When planning a rustic wedding or a country wedding most brides usually get control over the venue space, the wedding gowns and a few other key details but one thing no bride has control over is the weather. If you are planning a rustic or country style wedding you might find yourself checking the weather (obsessively) in the weeks and days leading up to your wedding (gotta love that 10 day outlook). Since so many of our readers love to plan outdoor weddings we thought it would be the perfect time to give a few ideas on rainy day wedding must haves! With a wedding, especially one that is planned for outside it is always best to play it safe and have these items on hand.

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Personal Umbrellas

You don’t have to break the wedding budget to offer umbrellas to your wedding guest. The best thing you can do is buy a large stash and keep them at your ceremony & reception location. If Mother Nature takes over then you are covered but if the sun stays shinning you never have to bring them out and you might even be able to return if they are unused. I suggest going to Ikea and buying your umbrellas from them, you can get them for as little as $2.99 each and they come in great colors.Bridesmaids With UmbrellasMore from this real weddingWedding With UmbrellaMore from this real weddingRainy WeddingMore from this real wedding


You probably will not be able to provide Wellies or rain boots for all your guests but you should check the forecast and if rain looks like it may happen buy some cute rain boots for your bridesmaids, your flower girl, your mother and fiance’s mother and of course a white pair for yourself. Wellies can look great in your pics and are easy to switch in and out of as you move from one location to another. Our favorite vendor for boots is Hunter but you can find more budget friendly boots at places like Target and other box stores. See more ideas for rain boots at a wedding.Wellies On BrideMore from this real weddingRain Boots On Bride And GroomMore from this real weddingHunter Boots For WeddingHunter Boots On BrideMore from this real wedding


Hay can be a last minute savor for a wedding that has been hit with rain. Adding a layer of hay to an outdoor location like a backyard wedding or a backyard rehearsal dinner can soak up the water and help to prevent mud from forming. You can’t exactly break out the hay if the clouds open and rain comes unannounced but it is something you might want to think about in the days before you wedding if you have had some weather come through.

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This is something that actually came in handy at my own rustic wedding back in 2009 where no rain was expected yet we had a minor brief shower come through. Our dance floor got wet and thanks to a few college buddies of my husband they grabs some towels and cleaned off the dance floor. Having a stash of a few large beach towels really can help if something like this happens to you. Chances are these towels will not be seen by your guests so just grab a few from your own beach stash and keep handy.

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Clear Plastic Tarp

For a very reasonable fee you can get a large clear plastic tarp and keep it on hand to place over items such as your ceremony chairs, ceremony floral arrangements, your aisle runner and just about anything else that might be wet. This hardware store find really is useful at backyard weddings or any places where you don’t have a full venue staff to help.

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Rainy Wedding Day Must Haves - The Best List Of Things You Need If It Rains On Your Wedding!

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