DIY Ribbon-Adorned Wedding Chairs

How to Make Perfect Ribbon Wedding ChairsWe can’t get enough of cream and naturals these days, so we wanted to being you an antique white themed DIY project! We stopped by our local Arts & Crafts store and bought up a yummy combination of ribbon. We chose a mix of cotton, satin, grosgrain, and organza ranging from 1/4in  to  2 in wide. The trick to picking ribbon for a project like this is finding a mix that is diverse yet still complimentary. This project could be done with any color addition if you wanted to mix in your own wedding colors too! The trick is finding various thicknesses and textures to give your chairs an effortlessly eclectic style. Trust your instincts as you go and have fun!!  This rustic wedding decor could be a great idea for a sweethearts table, or if you’re feeling ambitious you could give all of your guests chairs this special touch!  


What We Used :  Antique White Ribbon in 1/4 inch Organza / 1/4 inch Cotton / 1/2 inch Satin /  1/2 inch Grosgrain / 1 inch Satin  / 2 inch Cotton / Scissors / Vintage Chair

Wedding Ribbon DIY Ideas

Once you have your ribbon selected you want to plan out the order in which you want to add them to the chair.  You may want to lay them out first to get a sense of spacing and how they will all look together.  Don’t over think it though!

DIY Wedding Chairs

Next, you want to start at one end and measure the ribbon so that both edges almost touch the ground.  Then tie the knot so that one end of the ribbon falls down straight and the other end drapes over the top of the chair.

How to Make Ribbon Wedding Chairs

Space out the ribbons as you go.  You may want to move them further apart or closer together as you add the ribbons and get a feel for how full you want it.  You way also decide to use some ribbon  more than others which is also totally fine!

DIY Wedding Ideas with Ribbon

As you near the other side, step back and see how it looks from a ways away!  Check to see how the ribbon is falling and adjust the knots as needed.

Ribbon Wedding Chairs Once you are finished you may want to trim the ends of the ribbon.  We trimmed ours so that the center ribbons were longest and the side ribbons were shortest.  This adds some extra dimension and style to the look, and worked really well with the chairs we have!

Tied Ribbon Wedding Chairs

Once you have trimmed your ribbons take another look at all of your knots,  readjust them as needed and make sure they are all secure.  If there are any twists, now is the time to take them out so that everything can be perfect!

ribbon sweetheart table wedding chairs-10

Et Voila!  You have beautifully adorned chairs for your wedding!  This would be a great idea for the brides chair at her bridal shower or bachelorette dinner too!  We love how festive it is without being over the top!   If you are doing a pair of sweetheart chairs, you can mix up the order of ribbon from chair to chair or keep it the same if you find a pattern that you really love!

DIY Wedding Chairs

Photography By : MCR PROJECTS

Step By Step : Step By Step : How to Make Perfect Ribbon Wedding Chairs

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