The Top Ten Mountain Weddings of 2013

Top Ten Mountain Weddings 2013

Mountain Weddings always have a crispness and always have a certain magic to them, too.  Whenever I look at weddings in the mountains I really feel like I am there. I can smell the trees and feel the mountain air on my skin. These weddings captured all of the things I think are the most wonderful and unique about the mountains and they incorporated them into their ceremonies and receptions in such amazing ways!  It was so hard to pick a top ten but these are the ones that really knocked us off our feet!!

1.  The Rustic Apsen Wedding of Lauren & John

This wedding came in right at the end of the year and was one of our most favorites of the year! The chill in the air could not have come through more romantically! The natural quality of this wedding has us smelling the crisp mountain air as we look at these pictures.  The bride looks so effortlessly elegant. A true winner! Ever-talented Marianne Brown Photography captured this wedding in all of its majesty. View the entire album here.

Top Ten Mountain Weddings of 2013

2.  The Boho Vintage Wedding :

 This wedding had the most amazingly unique minimalistic style!  The couple was married in the forrest and looking at these pictures we wish we could have been there. We love the hair wreath worn by the bride as the perfect embellishment to her simple style! Our thanks Briana Morrison who captured these unique and intimate wedding photographs!  View the entire album here.

Top Ten Mountain Weddings of 2013

3.  The Catskills Farm Wedding of Caroline & Christopher :

There is something so nostalgic about the Catskills and this wedding truly captured that essence in the best way!  These flower girls are quite possibly the cutest we have ever seen and the rest of the wedding was absolutely gorgeous!  Gloria Ruth Photography, Inc. shot these beautiful images and we are so glad she shared them with us! View the entire album here.

Top Ten Mountain Weddings of 2013

4. The Rustic Canadian Wedding of  Jessie & Scott :

We can almost taste the fresh air at this lakeside Canadain wedding! This crisp and refreshing wedding was filled with lots of vintage touches that all worked so beautifully in the setting. Photographer Kelly Redinger was the talent behind these gorgeous images! View the entire album here.

Top Ten Mountain Weddings of 2013

5. The Rustic Aspen Wedding of  Keith & Courtney :

We have all heard that rain is good luck on your wedding day! Only recently did we hear why, which is that if you tie a knot with wet ropes the bond is stronger. True or not, the rain at this mountain wedding made it all the more beautiful! And whats a mountain venue without the drama and atmosphere of true mountain weather! Our thanks to Bluebird Productions for their photography of this beautiful wedding! View the entire album here.

Top Ten Mountain Weddings of 2013

6. The North Carolina Mountain Wedding of Amanda & Kerry :

This wedding was so charming it absolutely had to make the cut!  We love the florals in this wedding as well as the gorgeous blush and peaches they brought to the decor!  Angela Tucker did a fabulous job capturing this wedding!  View the entire album here.

Top Ten Mountain Weddings of 2013

7. The Colorado Mountianside Wedding:

When I saw this wedding photo it was like a dream come true.   Talk about stunning!  This is the definition of a rustic mountain wedding done perfectly!  We are grateful to photojournalist,  Lindsay J. C. Lack for sharing these photographs with us!  View the entire album here.

Top Ten Mountain Weddings of 2013

8. The New York Mountain Wedding of  Jennifer & Craig :

For a classic take on a mountain wedding you can’t miss this one.  We love the traditional approach to this gorgeous new york venue.  The garden, the house, its all so charming you really need to see for yourself because words just can’t do it justice! Jenelle Kappe Photography is to thank for that!  View the entire album here.

The Top Ten Mountain Weddings of 2013

9.  The Latvian San Francisco Wedding of Ellen and Jacob :

This woodland wedding was so magical and unique!  The California mountains offer their own beauty that is so present in this wedding!  We love how they incorporated Latvian traditions into their wedding day, and this is another one you really need to see the whole album to get the whole picture of how amazing it was! Our thanks to Nikki Richter who kindly shared these images with us! View the entire album here. 

Top Ten Mountain Weddings of 2013

10. The Vintage Mountain Wedding of  Mandy & Scott:

This mountain wedding was full of gorgeous vintage rustic touches. We loved the barn venue they chose and how they integrated all kinds of family heirlooms from their family farmhouse into their decor. Our thanks to Rosanna Marie Photography. View the entire album here. 

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