Top 10 Backyard Weddings

Top 10 backyard weddings

As the new year approaches we always close out the year by doing a quick little recap and featuring our top 10 weddings from some of our categories. Backyard Weddings are amazing, beautiful, rustic and chic so it is only fitting that we showcase this particular style rustic wedding in our countdown. It is always really hard for us to narrow down our favorites to only 10 but we will give it a shot. Here are our top 10 favorite backyard weddings from 2012. See our favorite Barn Weddings & our favorite Vintage Weddings.


1. The Richmond Backyard Wedding of Sara & Brandon 

Country chic wedding couple

2. The Lakeside Rustic Wedding of Liz & Brooks

Lakeside Rustic Wedding

3. The Rustic DIY Wedding of Anna & Madison

DIY Wedding

4. The Backyard California Wedding of Desiree & Ben

Backyard Wedding

5. The New Hampshire Backyard Wedding of Leia & Jon

Rustic Backyard Wedding

6. A Rustic DIY Maryland Wedding

Backyard DIY Wedding

7.  A Hudson Valley New York Wedding

New York Hudson Valley Wedding

8. The Oregon Backyard Wedding of Sara & Drew

Oregon Backyard Wedding

9. A Backyard Vintage Wedding

A rustic elegant fall wedding

10. A Casual Backyard Wedding

A casual backyard Wedding

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