The Ten Best Wedding Veils

The Ten Best Wedding VeilsWhen it comes to the tradition of wedding veils, many brides these days are going a number of different routes.As far as those go who are opting to don a veil, they are have so many amazing options! So we thought this week we would pull our top ten favorite veils we have seen in on brides in recent times to give you some inspiration! You may be on the fence so let us help sway you with these breezy, romantic, and downright stunning brides and their delicate bridal accessories. When it comes to choosing a veil, length, edge, material and how it will work with your hairstyle are all things that you have to consider! Other things you may not think about are how the wind and sunlight will come in to play not only in real life but also in photographs! These brides below made awesome selections of veils that accentuated their wedding looks. Some are wearing vintage veils while others went ahead and made their own or acquired them from specialized designers.  We hope you are as inspired as we are… if only there were more occasions when we could wear one!!


Top Ten Wedding Veils

2 . The Birdcage Veil

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