How to Make Winter Wedding Mistletoe

How to Make a Mistletoe Posy

Whether you are planning a winter wedding or just decorating for the upcoming holidays, we thought this mistletoe posy tutorial could definitely come in handy! Nothing sets a romantic mood like mistletoe, so for a winter wedding it an absolute must! We love the idea of hanging one over your sweetheart table or the entrance to your reception. We kept this one wedding themed with greens and whites but if you wanted to spruce it up for the holidays you could always add some red holly berries or switch up the white velvet ribbon for something more colorful and festive. You also could make this with a variety of different winter greens. We chose cedar, pine and holly leaves for a posy that was both eclectic and fragrant!  And we got our mistletoe from the Boy Scouts of America adding the the rustic charm of this festive creation!


How to Make a Mistletoe Posy

What You’ll Need : Cedar / Pine / Holly / Mistletoe / Floral Wire / Clippers / Ribbon / Scissors

How to Make a Mistletoe Posy

1. First give all of your sprigs a fresh cut so that your posy will be extra fragrant. Then lay the largest of your sprigsdown on a flat surface. Then layer your mistletoe down on top of it, aligning the stems. You may need to trim everything to start so that you have the right size sprigs.

How to Make a Mistletoe Posy

2. Working from largest to smallest, layer your sprigs keeping your stems aligned. We arranged ours in the order of cedar, mistletoe, holly, pine, and ended with a little more mistletoe. Be careful if you are working with holly because it is very prickly! You may want to wear gloves to keep your hands safe from the thorns and from the sap from the cedar as well! Cedar can get very sticky!

Step by Step : How to Make a Mistletoe Posy

3. Taking one last small sprig of mistletoe to top off your posy, line up all of the stems and make sure that your arrangement is layer out exactly how you want it!

How to Make a Mistletoe Posy

4. Leave the posy laying flat and take a six-eight inch piece of floral wire and twist it around the stems the secure the end.

How to Make a Mistletoe Posy

5. Then tightly wrap the wire around the stems until it feels very secure. You could also use floral tape instead for this step but it is harder to conceal if you are using thin ribbon for your bow!

Mistletoe Posy DIY

5. Take a long length of ribbon and tie securely around the wire, knotting it at the back of the posy. Make sure that the ribbon concealed the floral wire from view. We used white velvet ribbon and left the ends long and loose so that they flow down along the sides of the posy. Double knot the ribbon for a secure hold and you are finished!

How to Make a Mistletoe Posy

6. Hang your posy in the place of your choosing! All you need to do is hang the bunch on a nail and it will hold easily under the knot of the ribbon.  Your posy should last for a few weeks as it smells wintry and looks beautiful! We hope it wins you some holiday season kisses!

Photographs : MCR PROJECTS

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