How to Make a Baby’s Breath Crown

How to Make a Baby's Breath Hair WreathWe have seem some amazing flower girl crowns lately so we decided it was about time we showed you how to make your own! This wedding started it, with these these adorable flower girl crowns and we have been thinking about them ever since. For this tutorial we wanted to keep it basic with a rustic twist but you could add whatever flourishes you wanted to this to fit it in with your wedding theme. To make it more vintage you could ass lace to the bow instead of the burlap rope.  To dress them up you could add pearls or rhinestones in with the baby’s breath! Or for a less traditional crown you could opt for something more unusual than baby’s breath like spray roses or simple greenery. This could also be a great idea for the bride! The hard part with making these is resisting the urge to wear them around everywhere you go!


What You’ll Need :  Floral Wire / Ribbon / Baby’s Breath / Clippers

How to Make Baby's Breath Crowns

First step is to clip a pile of sprigs all about the same length.  depending on how full you want the crown you should either clip longer sprigs for a less dense, more wild looking crown.  For a low profile, denser crown, clip sprigs about half this length.

Make Wedding Crowns For Your Flower Girls

Start with one sprig and anchor your wire by securely wrapping it around the stem.

Make Wedding Crowns For Your Flower Girls

Then, line up the stem of a second and third sprig with the wired stem and gently wrap the stems together. Avoid the sprigs coming off the stem from being wired down to the base so that they can spread of free from the wire. Make Wedding Crowns For Your Flower Girls

Try to keep the density of the crown consistent by spacing the sprigs evenly as you add them to the crown.  When you use up your wire, start an new piece.

Make Wedding Crowns For Your Flower Girls

As you near the end of the crown and approach you desired length, allow a few inches of plain stem to stay at one end of the crown.

How to Make Wedding Crowns For Your Flower Girls

This way, when you bend the end around to the start, you won’t double up any of the baby’s breath and it will look perfectly continuous like this.

Make Wedding Crowns For Your Flower Girls

Once  you have your wreath securely wired together, you can leave as is or carefully wind ribbon around the wreath.  This will pull some of the sprigs in to lower the profile of the crown and make for an appearance that is more dense.

Wedding Hair Wreath Tutorial

If you are using twine or ribbon, leave extra length to hang behind the crown.  Also, if there are any sprigs too long or any bare spots, now is the time to trim or add to the crown where it is needed.

Baby's Breath Wedding Crown

To add to the twine, we tied a white velvet ribbon at the back. We love the combination of velvet and twine together. We also love the idea of leaving the ribbons extra long to flow behind the flower girls like little veils!

Baby's Breath Wedding Crown

Now your crown is finished!  The twine will give it a nice rustic style to tie into your venue!

Baby's Breath Wedding CrownBaby's Breath Wedding Crown


Photography : MCR PROJECTS

Step By Step :

How to Make a Baby's Breath Crown

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