Something Green: How to Easily Eco-Chic Your Wedding

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Something Green: How to Easily Eco-Chic Your Wedding


Let’s face it—weddings are wasteful!  Don’t worry, we aren’t suggesting you cancel the special day; weddings are culturally, religiously, and emotionally important. We’d just like to challenge you to think about the environmental, social, and economic waste you may be creating in the process. Having a green wedding will allow you to limit your material and monetary waste, all while supporting green companies and local businesses…and we’re here to help you!

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Propose Green

Most weddings begin with a proposal—that perfect ring—and there are many beautiful socially and environmentally responsible jewelry choices out there! Gold mining is terrible for the planet, and rare gems are a political problem on their own. Try looking into recycled stones and metals. If you’re looking diamond-specific, “Conflict Free,” and “Ethically Sourced” diamonds are not only available, but are increasing in style and uniqueness. Our favorite option, and probably the greenest option, is antique rings. These unique and beautiful pieces of jewelry are already crafted, so instead of causing new demand for more diamonds, no extra resources are going to waste.

rustic wedding rings vintage rustic wedding ringsSource: Catbird


Invite Green

Next up, you are going to invite people to your big day! What’s that? You are inviting 200 guests? That’s a whole lot of paper. Consider using recycled paper or tree-free paper. Here’s a cute idea—use homemade seed paper! Printed with some soy ink, these rustic invites can be planted. See our post on eco-friendly wedding invitations.

eco-friendly wedding invitations eco-friendly wedding invitationsSource:  Bloomin


Dress Green

While buying a used dress is always an option, we understand that most brides desire their own personal dress. It’s special. So, if buying used is not your route, consider a more practical dress—one you still fall in love with, of course, but perhaps a dress that can be worn again or altered. There is also a market for eco-couture gowns that are created with sustainable fabrics. Or, again, you can always buy vintage! A vintage dress would work perfectly for an era-themed wedding, or simply as a one of a kind gown. Maybe your mother or grandmother’s dress could even be altered to your style.

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Beauty Green

Visit a green salon & spa with your bridal party the day of! Using all-natural beauty and hair products are a great way to keep it eco-friendly. Plus, green salons use products that are good for both your beauty-health and the environmetRustic Wedding Hair

Rustic Wedding HairPhoto CreditDaniel Gurton

Grow Green

When it comes to flowers, try to keep it local, organic and, if possible, in season. Transporting exotic flowers causes astronomic fuel consumption. Plus, if they are organically grown, they wont be sprayed with toxic fertilizers. Better for the earth, better for us.

eco-friendly flowers See More From This Real Weddingwedding flowersSee More From This Real Wedding

Decorate Green

Antiques, vintage items, and pieces that you can use again in your home décor are great ideas for green centerpieces!  It’s less waste—plus it’s fun and matchless.

Rock Place CradsSee More From This Real Weddinghoney-wedding-inspiration-590x405See More From This Inspiration Shoot


Eat Green:

Local, seasonal, and/or organic food. It’s simple, and guaranteed to be colorful and delicious.

Rustic Wedding MenuSee More From This Real Wedding


Give Green:

Keep your registry to eco-friendly companies, or small local businesses. This is great encouragement for guests to think small and to think green. Plus, it’s a great way to support businesses that uphold ethical standards, sustain local economies, and try to make a difference. As for favors, potted plants, seed-paper, herbal kits, and other homey, garden style gifts are a great way to drive the whole eco-concept home, while still providing a gift that keeps on giving. Buy honey from a local beekeeper and give it to your guests in a jar with little honey dippers tied with twine!

Tree Place CardsSee More From This Real Wedding

Honey Wedding FavorSee More From This Inspiration Shoot

Relax Green

Having a green wedding doesn’t mean you need to be eaten alive. There are more eco-friendly ways to limit the fun-sucking mosquitos. The essential oil of peppermint may smell great to us, but irritating buzzers hate it. Look into having a green pest control company spray your outdoor reception space with an all-natural peppermint oil insect repellent a day before the wedding—it’ll last two weeks and your guests won’t be doing the itchy-jig all night on the dance floor.


Travel Green

When looking into your honeymoon, keep these terms in mind: Green Building Practices, Waste, Social Responsibility, Indoor Air Quality, and Environmental Management. is a great resource to find green hotels and resorts, and to view ratings on their “greenness.” Have a smart phone? Download the TripSketch Green Traveler App, which helps you find green activities, experiences, and destinations in over 80 cities across the globe. Travel light, and have fun.


 See a real rustic “green” wedding & Tips from our friend, Alicia Silverston on how to have a green wedding.

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