DIY Paper Doily Wedding Bunting

Paper Doily BuntingWe absolutely LOVE this paper doily bunting! It is SO easy and beautiful! It’s also very inexpensive to make and requires very little skill to make it perfectly. We found these doily’s at our local supermarket. You could also use fabric or lace doilies if you wanted to play around with the color and texture. It would also be amazing if you mixed and matched using vintage doilies to create a more diverse look. These would be beautiful hung from trees at a farm wedding or used inside of a barn for a rustic wedding reception. We also love the idea of using lots of these for a backyard wedding to create a festive wedding setting.  Burlap ribbon or lace ribbon could add some texture to your bunting if you want to make it more ornate!  Happy Making!


DIY Doily Bunting

What You’ll Need : White Ribbon / Hot Glue Gun / Ruler / Pencil / Paper Doilies / Scissors

DIY Doily Bunting

1 ) Measuring from the edge of the white center of the doily to the edge, trace a slice of the doily that you want to form the bunting.

DIY Doily Bunting

2. Cutting about ten at a time, cut along the lines you traced on the top layer. Cut all pieces to be identical.

DIY Doily Bunting

3) Leaving at least 20 inches of ribbon at the end to tie up, measure a line one inch shorter than the lacy end of the doily slice.

DIY Doily Bunting

3) Using your hot glue gun, make a thin line of glue where you just measured.

DIY Doily Bunting

5. Press the paper doily down on the glue. Then flip and glue another slice to the back of the slice that you just glued down. We found it was best to make on line of glue along the slice and one line along the ribbon like you just did for the front slice.

DIY Doily Bunting

6. When your bunting is finished, hang in your desired place for your wedding! Since they are so light they flap really beautifully in the wind!

Photographs : MCR PROJECTS

Step By Step :

Step By Step: Paper Doily Bunting

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