Tips For Planning A Rustic Wedding On A Budget

Tips For Planning A Rustic Wedding On A Budget

Planning a wedding is a big job especially when you are planning your dream rustic wedding on a budget. To help you collect some ideas of where you can save and yet still have the day with your dreams we created these rustic wedding budget tips. We have seen some brides create beautiful weddings on a wedding budget of $10,000 or who planned their wedding for under $7,000. See all of our amazing budget rustic weddings.

 Take On Making Only A Few DIY Wedding Decorations

I know it can seem like a good idea to take on creating all your own rustic wedding decorations but in reality if you take on too many DIY wedding projects you will actually start to waste money. Craft supplies are not exactly cheap and you don’t want to end up double buying because you have to do projects over if they don’t come out right. The best thing to do if you want to make some wedding DIY decorations is to select one to three projects you will take on. A good place to start is our 10 Rustic Wedding DIY Projects To Try list.

Hire Local Wedding Vendors

The local movement works in the wedding market as well. The more local the vendor the less money you will have to pay for things like travel, delivery, or shipping. There are endless rustic wedding vendors out there who are looking for business so you might want to start with something like checking out our Rustic Wedding Guide which offers a curated list of all the best rustic wedding vendors. Need a speciality type of wedding service like wedding food trucks or vintage wedding rentals – our list has those vendors too!

 Host Your Wedding On A Friday or Sunday

The most popular day to host a wedding is on a Saturday and the wedding venues know that. Many venues will offer slightly discounted rental rates for hosting your wedding on a Friday or on a Sunday. Ask your venue if it is possible to have a wedding on these days and then ask them about what the price change may be. Many venues host more than one wedding on a Saturday and sometimes these events can be going on at the same time but you might be able to find your way around this if you host it on a less popular day.

Pick A Unique Wedding Venue

By now we all know how magical and popular barn wedding venues are but you might be surprised to find that some of the less expensive wedding venue options are rustic as well. Places like camps often offer wedding packages along with state parks and then slightly more traditional venues like vineyards, mountain lodges and farms.

Rent Only What You Need

When talking with a wedding rental vendor it might be tempting to start to rent everything they offer but if you need to stick to your wedding budget you can skip many of the rental items. Think about what you already own or what you can borrow (remember your friend who bought 100 mason jars for her wedding) by taking stock of what you have or what you might be able to borrow you will actually find your rental bill will be easier to swallow.

Tips For Planning A Rustic Wedding On A Budget

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