Top 10 Backyard Style Weddings From 2013

Backyard Weddings From 2013

The idea of getting married in either your own backyard or a backyard setting is pretty romantic. All of these backyard weddings stood out as perfect examples of how to create a one-of-a-kind backyard affair. Make sure you click on these images below to be taken to the gallery for each of the wedding features!

1. The Chicago Park Wedding of Megan + Bill

Megan and Bill were married in Chicagoland Park’s District where they combined their professional strengths to  create a beautiful atmosphere for their guests.  Megan works in advertising and lovesChevron patterns so she chose all of their decor to coincide with a cheery grey and yellow chevron motif. Thanks to Studio Finch for sharing this wedding with us.

Wedding Gazebo Ceremony

2. The Ranch Wedding of Leslie & Douglas

Leslie & Douglas’s wedding began with a klezmer band leading a parade of children with streamers and crowns own the drive to the big white barn where the ceremony took place. The decorations incorporated antique furniture with rusty bed springs found by the bride, used to hang the escort cards. 1950′s reproduction table cloths accented tables throughout, adorned with peaches from surrounding farms. Thanks to  Milou + Olin Photography for sharing this wedding with us.

Ranch Wedding

3. The Santa Monica Wedding of Amber & Mike

Amber & Mike spent a great deal of time together planning their wedding – especially the menu!  Amber & Mike are professional chefs, so the menu and catering was planned and coordinated with great care and lot’s of influence!  The day of the wedding, friends of theirs from many local restaurants helped with everything from the cooking to serving. Thanks to Katelin Wallace for sharing this wedding with us.

Purple Wedding Flowers

4. The Backyard Style Wedding of Sarah & Luke

Sarah & Luke set out to plan their wedding wanting to do much of it themselves and succeeded with flying colors! The vintage elements they collected  for their big day all came together to create  an equally  meaningful and comfortable afternoon set on a gorgeous grassy plain : A basket of comfortable quilts -a beautiful old croquet set – live music by Brock’s Folly – the list goes on and on! Thanks to  Bamber Photography for sharing.

Vintage Outdoor Wedding

5. The Do It Yourself Backyard Wedding of Eileen & Neil

This real wedding has a fun backyard style to but was actually held at a rustic wedding venue in Pennsylvania. With an upbeat purple theme this wedding combines a farm style wedding with a relaxed barn style wedding. Thanks to osh Finsel + Amber Breiner Photography for sharing.

Backyard Wedding Games

6. The Country Backyard Wedding of Kara & Hank

This country backyard style wedding was held on the property of a friend and was decorated perfectly for the wedding on Kara & Hank. An intimate ceremony with hay for guests seating, a beautiful arbor of hand wrapped branches and wide open farm space are just a few of details that made this wedding standout. Thanks to  Paperlily Photography for sharing this wedding with us.

Backyard Rustic Wedding

7. The Rustic Backyard Wedding of Sarah & Shiloh

This rustic backyard wedding not only features beautiful pictures but a super sweet story. This bride grew up in a home that was special to her and where as a little girl she dreamed of getting married but after the family sold the house she never thought it would be a possibility. Luckily for this bride the new owners agreed to host the wedding at the house making both the bride and her families dream come true! Thanks to  ljs Photography for sharing.

Backyard Wedding

8. The DIY Backyard Wedding of Breezy & David

One of our favorite real weddings is this fun and upbeat backyard style vintage wedding and from the looks of it seems like it was one great party as well. Look how great all the vintage style wedding rentals come together and work perfectly with a backyard style wedding. Thanks to  Lee Loveless Photograph

Backyard Wedding

9. The Intimate Backyard Wedding of Anna & Charles

Charles and Anna  had a casual yet beautiful wedding in their friend’s backyard. Even though it was mid-January the day was warm enough for the groomsmen go without jackets, leaving them in bow ties and suspenders, as planned. Thanks to  D’Avello Photography.

Backyard Wedding

10. The Budget Backyard Wedding of Krista & Devin

You would never guess from this beautiful backyard wedding that this couple only spent $3,000 on their wedding. Held in the backyard of a rental home in Nevada, this wedding features fun vintage items like mismatched white vases and vintage china. Thanks to  Gaby J Photography for sharing this with us.

Backyard Country Wedding

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