Summer Wedding Style for the Groom

Warm Weather Wedding StyleWe all know how hot it can get in the summer and while brides and bridesmaids get to spend their summer days and nights in long flowing dresses the groom and groomsmen have it a little tougher throughout wedding season. To help the guys out we have put together some suggestions for some stylish alternatives to the classic will suit that will help them stay a little cooler in the summer months!  These looks are all from real weddings on the blog that we love – so trust us – it’s ok if your groom isn’t keen on sweating through your wedding day in a dark suit!  There are plenty of sharp options out there and here are some of them.


This groom opted for a neutral vest and put his groomsmen in suspenders.  This is a great way to avoid a jacket altogether while still looking great and standing out from the groomsmen!

Warm Weather Wedding Style

For a rustic venue, the boys may opt for jeans. While this obviously isn’t for everyone, its a pretty awesome look if you’re in the right setting!

Warm Weather Wedding Style

We love that this groom rocked a plaid shirt with a dark vest and put his groomsmen in plaid ties.  Its a win win for everyone, giving their party a cohesive theme while allowing everyone to keep cool. We love his whole look!

Warm Weather Wedding Style Warm Weather Wedding Style

Speaking of vests, if you are having a southern country wedding in the depths of summer, your groom may opt for the coolest combo of a white linen vest and pants.  For guys, this is as comfy as suiting gets and it looks so handsome in photographs.  Linen is so sharp and festive!

Warm Weather Wedding Style

This adorable shot is from a wedding after party in which everyone changed into Hawaiian shirts and we just can’t get over how great and fun that looks!  If this fits with your theme, I would definitely consider it! Warm Weather Wedding Style

If you and your groom are set on him wearing a suit, there are some beautiful white linen and cotton options that still look very sharp and traditional without being too heavy.  We love this grooms look, complete with that adorable bow tie.  Sharp!
Warm Weather Wedding Style

Lastly, a  light colored traditional suit may be the just the ticket.  This groom looks so fresh in his light three piece suit!

Warm Weather Wedding Style

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