10 Rustic Wedding DIY Projects You Should Try

10 Rustic Wedding Projects You Should Try For Your Wedding

Clearly we love a good rustic wedding DIY project so we felt it was only right to give you a list of our top 10 favorites. We have spent years crafting the perfect projects and showcasing them in our rustic wedding DIY tutorial section. We hope this inspires you a little to pull out your materials and start crafting! Don’t forget to head over to the Rustic Wedding Chic You Tube channel for DIY wedding project videos.

1. Baby’s Breath Wreath

Baby's Breath Wreath

2. Tin Can Lantern

Tin Can Lantern

3. Ribbon Boutonniere

Ribbon boutineer

4. Place Card Lanterns

DIY Place Card Lanterns

5. Birch Cupcake Stand

Birch Cupcake Stand

6. Wedding Wish Tree

Wedding Wish Tree

7. Doily Bunting

Doily Bunting

8. Floral Crown

Floral Crown

9. Rustic Wedding Bouquet

Rustic Wedding Bouquet

10. S’more Wedding Favors

S'more wedding favors



Rustic Wedding DIY Projects

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