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10 Favors For A Rustic Wedding

Rustic Wedding Favors

Planning the favors for your wedding can be a very fun and creative task. After blogging about thousands of real rustic weddings I feel like I have seen every type of rustic wedding favor out there. From personalized items to casual homemade cookies, I have seen it all. To help all you rustic brides find some great wedding favor ideas I thought it would help if I put together a list of my top 10 favorites!

1. Jam

Giving jam as your wedding favor is perfect when planning a farm style wedding. If you are tying the knot at a fall rustic wedding than you might want to think about giving your guests pumpkin jam or even apple butter to celebrate the season! If you are planning more of a rustic summer wedding you might want to think about sending guests home with raspberry jam or my personal favorite, strawberry butter. Looking to go one step further… match up your jelly wedding favors with a mix for biscuits or scones. One of our favorite jam favor vendors, Miss Shelley’s Southern Jams & Jellies can be found on the Rustic Wedding Guide.

2. Pinecone Fire Starter

The perfect DIY wedding favor might just be this homemade pinecone fire starter. Easy to make and fun to package this favor is perfect for a winter wedding and especially a rustic winter wedding. See how to make your own pinecone fire starters with our DIY tutorial.

Pine Cone Fire Starter

3. S’mores

Who does not love a yummy s’more? Please your guests with the extra special treat of a s’more wedding favor. This rustic wedding favor works perfectly for brides who are planning a budget rustic wedding since you can buy all of the fixings in bulk and then package them yourselves. Below are just a few creative ideas from some of our real rustic weddings.

4. Maple Syrup

A classic wedding favor for weddings in New England, this sweet favor comes in so many different sizes, shapes and styles that brides almost have an endless amount of options. Maple syrup wedding favors  are one of my most favorite favors to receive as a guest because you always know you can put them to good use!

5. Tree Sapling 

Planning a rustic wedding means you probably have some connection to nature. Sending your guests home with seed packet wedding favors is a wonderful ideas or you can go one step further and give your guests a live tree with a tree sapling wedding favor.

6. Popcorn

From wedding popcorn bars to popcorn wedding favors it has never been so popular to serve popcorn at your wedding like it is now! Find a vendor like Brain Freeze Events which specializes in carnival type food for your wedding and they can set up a popcorn bar at your wedding.

7. Birdseed

This might be more of a traditional wedding favor but bird seed is an easy DIY wedding favor. See our tutorial on how to make your own birdseed.

DIY Bird Seed

8. Mason Jar Treats

Take this popular country wedding decoration and make it your wedding favor! Mason jar wedding favors can be fun for brides to create since you can make them into almost anything you want. From candy containers to vases, the mason jar wedding favor is so much fun!

9. Brown Bag Goodies

Pack these little goodie bags filled with whatever you like and decorate them with your wedding theme and you have a instant wedding favor. You can send guests home with cookie wedding favors or how about a wood pencil wedding favor!

Brown Bag Wedding Favors

10. Honey

A classic wedding favor for southern weddings, offering honey as your wedding favor never goes out of style. One of our vendors on our Rustic Wedding Guide, Aunt Haybee’s Yum Yums offers a variety of honey wedding favors that will sure to delight you.

Rustic Wedding Favor Ideas

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