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10 Rustic Wedding Sign Ideas

10 Rustic Sign Ideas For Your Wedding

Couples love adding fun rustic wedding signs to their wedding day decorations. If you are looking for some inspiration or ideas on what to say on your wedding sign than you are in luck because today we have our 10 best rustic wedding ideas for you to review!


1. Mr. & Mrs. Chair Signs

A simple and classic way to show off your new titles as Mr. & Mrs. is to hang a great looking sign from your reception chairs. If you want to go one step further and make your own check out our Mr. & Mrs. Burlap Wedding Sign DIY Project.

2. Parking Direction Signs

If you are hosting a wedding at a venue like maybe your backyard that you feel people will need some direction as to where to park you might want to think about making a sign like this couple did at their backyard wedding. I also like the fact that this couple made the sign a little more personal by adding their monogram at the top!

3. Seating Information Signs

Many couples are stepping away from traditional and allowing their guests to sit wherever they like for the ceremony. This beautiful chalkboard wedding sign informs guests as to what is expected of them in a perfect rustic chic way.

4. Directional Signs

It is not always easy for guests to find where you wedding festivities are going on especially when you plan a wedding at a rustic wedding venue like a farm or ranch. Adding a directional sign with the arrows pointing towards all your events will not only be a cute decoration but helpful!

5. Guest Book Signs

Allow your guests to find and sign your guest book with a simple sign placed near the guest book table.

6. Love Story Signs

This sign might not work for everyone but if you are going with a super romantic, fairytale type wedding than you might to think about a sign like this one.

7. Follow Love

This inspiration shoot shows that the wedding couple can look super cute when holding a sign as they leave their ceremony. Check out this entire rustic wedding inspiration for lots more ideas.

8. That A Way

An oversized shipping pallet can make the perfect rustic wedding sign prop. I love how this sign is painted in just white and with a super simple message. If you love this wedding sign you need to see the entire wedding because they have some other great ideas.

9. Best Day Ever

Well this sign just about sums up a wedding day!

10. No Seating Plan Sign

If you are planning on not having a seating plan at your ceremony or your reception this might be the perfect rustic wedding sign for you. This Southern Farm Wedding has many great ideas you might like as well so head over and check it out.

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