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15 Wedding Ideas Only Rustic Brides Understand

15 Things Only Rustic Brides Will Understand

Rustic brides are a very special type of bride and given the fact that we have been sharing amazing rustic wedding ideas and real rustic weddings since 2008 we feel like we have gotten to know exactly what all you rustic brides are looking for. Today we wanted to share 15 wedding ideas that only rustic brides will understand and appreciate!

1. Picnic Tables Can Be Turned Into Elegant Wedding Tables

We love it when a bride can see the potential in picnic tables and uses them to make her rustic wedding dreams a reality. Want to plan a picnic style wedding check out this post now.

Picnic Tables For Wedding

2. Barn Wedding Location Are The Perfect Spot To Say “I Do”

Rustic brides have been tying the knot at barn wedding venues a long time before it became a trend and understand the natural beauty of a barn wedding. Head over to our Rustic Wedding Guide to find the perfect barn wedding venue for your rustic wedding. 

Barn Wedding Location

3. Wood Signs Give Good Directions & Look Good

When hosting your wedding out on a farm or in a rustic spot you might need to send your guests in the right direction towards your ceremony or reception. Classic wood wedding signs have taken over the rustic wedding world and guests are happier for it! Check out our 10 Rustic Wedding Sign Ideas for more inspiration.

Wood Wedding Signs

4. Birch Cake Designs Are Creative, Beautiful & Yummy

Rustic wedding cakes have come a long way since I first started looking for a rustic wedding cake for my own wedding in 2009. One of our favorite rustic wedding cake designs here at Rustic Wedding Chic is the birch inspired wedding cake! Make sure you check out more Birch Cake Ideas and our Rustic Wedding Cake Ideas section.

Birch Wedding Cakes

5. Mason Jars Work For The Perfect Favor

Mason jars at weddings have seem to taken over in the past 5 years or so but I think it is super cute when mason jars are given out as rustic wedding favors. Check out our post on Top Rustic Wedding Favors or our popular post on Inexpensive Wedding Favors for more ideas.

Mason Jars For Drinking

6. Birch Vases Make Any Table Look Rustic Chic

Add a birch vase and you instantly get a rustic look and elegant wedding table. Make sure you check out our post on How To Make A Woodland Rose & Birch Centerpiece.

Birch Vase

7. Cupcake Towers Are Encouraged For Treats

Add some height to that dessert table with a rustic looking cupcake tower. Many times we see rustic brides serve a rustic wedding cake but then also offer cupcakes which are fun to take on the go!

Cupcake Wedding Tower

8.Simple Centerpieces Define The Rustic Look

Don’t go crazy overboard with your rustic wedding centerpieces – many rustic brides are going for a more simple and understated look for their wedding tables and that makes us happy!

Simple Wedding Ceneterpices

9. Creative Outdoor Seating Is The Backbone Of A Rustic Wedding

Since so many rustic wedding take place in the beautiful outdoors we are seeing brides get creative with that outdoor space and come up with some pretty creative seating options. For more creative outdoor wedding seating check out our post on 10 Ways To Use Hay At Your Wedding.

Creative Outdoor Seating

10. Candle Anywhere & Everywhere Are A Good Idea

Add some drama to that wedding ceremony with a large number of candles. The soft glow of candlelight makes things not only romantic but very magical.

Candle Wedding Decor

11. Wood Ring Boxes Are The New Ring Pillow

Ring pillows are out and wooden ring boxes have been in style the last 2-3 years. Want to see more wood ring boxes check out this post on Our Favorite Rustic Wood Ring Boxes.

Wood Ring Boxes

12. How Tree Stumps Can Be Made Into Wedding Decorations

Who says you can’t make a tree stump look amazing? Creative brides and grooms everywhere have been letting nature be apart of their wedding by dressing up tree stumps with candles, lanterns, flowers and more.

Tree Stumps Wedding

13. That Pinecones Can Be Transformed Into A Beautiful Bouquet

Yes, most brides will decide to go with a more traditional rustic wedding bouquet but some brides think outside of the box and go with some more unique like a pinecone bouquet. Make sure you see our post on Pinecone Wedding Bouquets to really make you excited about this look.

Pinecone Bouquet

14. That A Canoe Can Be The Perfect Drink Display

Yes, a canoe or boat makes for the most perfect drink display at a rustic wedding especially at a summer camp wedding. Want to see more great wedding drink display ideas head over to our post on 8 Fun & Unique Wedding Drink Display Ideas and get inspired with our Creative Ways To Use A Canoe At A Wedding.

Canoe Drinks

15. Blankets Are Totally Okay At Weddings

Not all weddings happen in the hot sun of a summer afternoon – at a rustic wedding blankets to keep warm are not only a good idea but a way to keep those guests happy! Make sure you check out our post on 5 Ways To Keep Your Bridesmaids Warm.

Blankets At WeddingSo Funny! 15 Things Only Rustic Brides Will Understand

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