Ask Maggie & Wedding Advice

Ask Maggie is designed for brides who need a little help & advice. Send Maggie an email with your question and she can help you with anything from tracking down the perfect rustic wedding venue to putting together an inspiration board for you based on your ideas. I currently receive an overwhelming amount of emails asking for advice and suggestions and I try to answer each and every one but it may take a few weeks. At this time I do not turn each one into a blog post but I do try to slip one in every once in awhile. Here are just a few of the topics Maggie is currently helping brides with.

Outdoor Wedding Weather Tips

Outdoor Wedding Weather Tips

Blue Red Cream Wedding Inspiration

Blue, Red & Cream Wedding Color Inspiration

Barn Wedding Lighting

The Best Barn Wedding Lighting

Winter Wedding Bouquet

20 Winter Wedding Bouquets

Creative Ideas For A Winter Wedding

15 Creative Winter Wedding Ideas

15 Ideas For A Lakeside Wedding

15 Ideas For Your Lakeside Wedding

Birch Tree Wedding Invitation

Birch Tree Wedding Invitations

Rustic Wedding Favors

10 Favors For A Rustic Wedding

Bridesmaid Dresses With A Pattern

Pattern Bridesmaid Dresses

Tips For Planning A Rustic Wedding On A Budget

Tips For Planning A Rustic Wedding On A Budget

What To DIY At Your Wedding And What Not To

Things to DIY For Your Wedding & Things Best Left to the Professionals

Perfect Wedding Day Smile

Your Perfect Wedding Day Smile with Invisalign®

How to Plan an At-Home Rehearsal Dinner

How to Plan an At-Home Rehearsal Dinner

25 Ideas For Summer Wedding

25 Great Summer Wedding Ideas


How to Plan Your Wedding Playlist

Dance-Free Wedding Ideas

How To Plan A Dance-Free Wedding


How to Get Married in a Barn

Ways To Use A Canoe At Your Wedding

4 Ways To Use A Canoe At Your Wedding

Champgane Bridesmaid Dress

Ask Maggie: Champagne Bridesmaid Dresses